Preparation for my daughter’s Winter Formal started at 10 a.m. this morning and did not conclude until 6:00 p.m.  Men generally don’t understand why it would take all day for a girl to get ready, but I know that every female who has had to get ready for a special dance completely gets it.

The day began with some chocolate chip pancakes and turkey bacon to fortify my girl for the day to come.  Afterwards, we turned our living room into a salon.  A mini-mani/pedi was needed and ended with a beautiful red polish, although I admit that I did forget to apply a clear top-coat.  Next up at Salon Gallagher was straightening the lovely locks of curls before we drove out to the mall to have her make-up done.  There was a lot of product being blended to help and hold the hair straightening, but the result was well worth it.  At the mall, the make-up artist had a quick assessment to see what we were looking for.  She did a fantastic job, blending sparkly eye shadow with the just right amount of smoke to give Taylor a sophisticated but still teenage look.  Once we got home, we finished her hair with a waterfall braid.  Prior to this afternoon, I had no idea how to do this, but thanks to Pinterest and YouTube, we figured it out.  It was surprisingly easy!


As the day progressed, I watched my daughter transform from a goofy teenager into the other side of her personality – a stunning young lady whose brilliance shines inside and out.  And as the evening wore on, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for the days where she pretended to whisper to me and giggle in anticipation of her daddy huffing and puffing in outrage that we would keep secrets from him.  Despite the heartache of knowing how quickly she is growing into the absolutely amazing woman I know is already in her, my heart swelled in pride for the person that she is.

As we drove over to her friend’s house for pictures and finishing touches before the dance, my husband put on some songs by 1-Direction.  Yes it’s bubble gum pop, but it’s also her favorite band and it never fails to make her squeal like only a teenage girl can.  It was a wonderful reminder that she is still our little girl, nevermind the time that passes.  So my friends, play that bubble gum pop for as long as they love that trending boy-band.  They’ll outgrow it before you know it.