OK, well Ricky Ricardo actually never said that but it fits here.  Why sonofamotherlessgoat.net?  I just liked it.  It was one of the non-swear swears uttered by my dear husband and it always stuck in my head.

I am by nature a realistic optimist (insert eye roll here).  I really do try to see the good in people and the joy in life, but sometimes life just gets in the way.  For those times “son of a motherless goat” is a go-to phrase and now sonofamotherlessgoat is my go-to place.  Does that sound as cheesy to you as it does to me?  Oh well, it’s honest.

I assume that the followers of this blog will be my friends looking to catch a glimpse of the flush of thoughts swirling through my head and I thought of a formal introduction for any newcomers, but I’m not really complicated so you can get to know me as I write.